Hi Friends, My name is Tywauna Wilson but you can call me Coach Tee. I am a leadership maven who provides expertise to movers and shakers in my community and profession. So what does that mean for you? I can help you too!

I will help you develop the strong leadership and interpersonal skills that you need to feel confident and lead fearlessly inside and outside of the workplace. Why is this important? Without having these critical foundational skills, you are limited in your career potential which in turn also limits your income potential.

That’s a pretty big deal, right? Keep scrolling to learn more!

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Why is Leadership Training Important?

  • In today’s changing workplace, having desirable leadership skills keep you employable and marketable
  • Good leaders create more economic value than those who are not…. In other words their skills allow them to be more profitable in their personal lives and profession
  • It enhances your communication and soft abilities so that you can respond in any situation
  • It builds up your confidence
  • It maximizes your ability to run the world and we know who runs the world!!


Learn, Appreciate &

I am a girl who loves science! I started my career as a medical laboratory scientist and moved up the ladder into progressive leadership roles with my most recent experience serving as the System Chemistry Director of a regional laboratory system. Over 14 yrs of training, mentoring, coaching, and most importantly, real-life, in-the-trenches healthcare experience, I have had the opportunity to work with and empower staff at all levels. After working with different teams, I identified a gap of qualified candidates able to move into leadership positions, as they became available. This is a BIG problem!

When there are no prepared candidates to assume these roles, especially when there is an unplanned vacancy, it leads to a breakdown of duties, loss of knowledge, unclear vision, and poor morale amongst the team. This leads to inefficiency, miscommunication, and chaos which can be detrimental to an organization! Then two things happen (1) the organization tries to promote from within leaving the incumbent having to learn the job and gain leadership skills to be better equipped to thrive in their new role which can be stressful and overwhelming or (2) the organization is forced to hire from outside of the organization which limits the opportunity for internal upward movement. The latter still has a learning curve.

Seeing good people get passed over for supervisory roles because they didn’t have a strong leadership base troubled me, so I decided to take action and founded my company Trendy Elite, LLC where our focus is building the next generation of leaders, giving them the tools they need to be efficient, effective, and influential inside and outside of the workplace. We do this through online training programs, masterclasses, webinars, coaching programs, and other customizable workshops.


Little things matter most

Relevant and practical strategies for tomorrows leaders


Are you hosting a conference, retreat, empowerment event etc? Contact me to see how we can partner to bring me to your next event or engagement.



Do you need help staying on track so that you are able to reach your purpose, dreams, and goals? Contact me to see how we can create a personalized strategic plan to suit your needs. I will help you stay accountable through our weekly check-ins so that you are able to make progress on those things you were too busy for or let fear stop you from completing



Do you need leader skills necessary to reach career goals, communicate with confidence, lead a successful business, and live a fearless life? I will utilize leadership guru John Maxwell's proven leadership and professional growth systems infused with a lot of practical Trendy Elite success strategies to put you on the road to being in demand and creating a waiting list.


FearLESS Leadership Society

As a woman on the move you, living life your way, you are determined to be your best self by learning, growing, and leading fearlessly. You are constantly trying to hone in on your skills so that you can not only get a seat at the table but pull up a few chairs for other amazing women in your sister circle. On the outside, you look like you have it all together but on the inside, you are trying to keep all the balls in the air and figure out how to live a fearLESSly to take your life from comfortable to the next level.

The FearLESS Leadership Society is a group of goal-driven women committed to being disruptors in their own lives to achieve a new level of personal and professional satisfaction. This is the answer to your how, your reason to your why, the vehicle to your when…… It starts with saying Yes! Are you ready?


  • Written, video or audio lessons each month on personal development, communication, and leadership strategies
  • Exclusive access to the FearLess Society Private Facebook group
  • 1 monthly call/presentation where you can ask questions and get direction on your most pressing leadership and growth problems
  • Discounts on selected classes, programs, and products from Trendy Elite, LLC.


  • Kelly Harvin
    " My closing remarks are just WOW! So many nuggets given! Confirmation that I'm on the right track starting out with your 4 week leadership course. Appreciate you once again for leveraging your expertise so that we may fulfill what we are called to do in life. Thanks again, the information I obtained was priceless. "
    Kelly Harvin
    Patient Experience Representative
  • Tierra Cuff
    " The course was well organized and Tywauna provided material that helped me to retain the concepts. This course has also provided me with the resources on how to become a more effective leader to empower others. Tywauna’s personal stories were very helpful in driving the concepts home. I am new to being in a leadership role and I will use many of these tools when engaging my team. "
    Tierra Cuff
    Medical Laboratory Scientist/Point of Care Coordinator
  • Latisha Glynn
    "Since taking this class I have been more motivated to step out the box and try more active leadership roles in my community, church and volunteer for more roles in my company. The course has push me outside my level of comfort. For example I agreed to take on a project that my knowledge and expertise in excel spreadsheets and pivot tables has always made me walk in fear. As of the last 3 weeks I decided to take on the project, and walk in boldness and confidence. This project has received recognition among several upper management members and will be completed by the end of the month for a team of 24 Auditors."
    Latisha Glynn
    Compliance Auditor



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