November 4, 2020

Giving Back To Others, And Knowing The Importance Of It

Knowing the importance of giving back is something that everyone should know. As a busy leader, chances are good that you have little time to do anything else. It’s likely you talk to the same people all the time, rarely stepping out of your comfort zone. But you’re missing vital clues and experiences you would have by being around other people. People are one of the missing links to the creative mind. If we’re never around other people who have different experiences than we have, we’ll never get the input we need to form new connections. Remember–it’s all about feeding […]
August 6, 2020

Accountability Equals Dependability

Accountability equals dependability. I mean this. If you make a mistake, you should be owning up to it instead of avoiding it. Everyone makes mistakes, just remember that it is okay and it is now a learning experience, and be better for it. We should all take equal pride in our strengths and shortcomings. I refrain from making excuses. Instead, I develop resolutions. Resolutions are an acknowledgment of the challenges we face, coupled with a solution for overcoming Accept Accountability Being responsible is a way of being and thinking for yourself, and it can empower you. Because you have accepted […]
March 24, 2020

5 Ways to Stay Motivated No Matter What

    Losing motivation happens to the best of us.  There are tricks to staying motivated though, many of which involve taking a good hard look at your goals.  With a little preparation and solid planning, there is no reason why you cannot stay motivated all the way through whatever you have set out to accomplish.    How are you going to set out to achieve your amazing goal? Well my leadership mavens, lets dig into it:   Start with the Big PictureWhat are you trying to accomplish?  What is your eventual goal?  The clearer your vision, the more likely […]
March 12, 2020

The Many Benefits of Lifelong Learning

  From the time that we are kids, we are pushed to want to learn everything and anything.  By the time we become adults, most of us are somewhat relieved when the learning portion of our lives are over.  The problem with this is, saying goodbye to learning is not always beneficial to your mind, or ever-growing skill set as a leader!  There are SO many benefits to keep learning your entire life.  Stopping with just a degree, can be a serious mistake.    As future leadership mavens, we need to keep developing professionally and personally!  Here are some benefits […]
March 3, 2020

Create a Bedtime Routine to Promote Productivity

Routines are an important factor of being successful in both your career and your personal life.  Sometimes they help with personal development (breaking bad habits or routines), and they allow you to appreciate all that having a great routine will do for your life!  This is critical especially when you are in the midst of changing your life for the better.  Improving your attitude towards yourself and your life, getting that promotion, losing those pesky pounds and keeping them off, or fixing broken relationships – even building new ones – are all needed to be at your best every day. […]
February 28, 2020

It’s Okay to Make Mistakes

You may have heard the saying “Nobody is perfect” before.  You should make this saying something to live by, it is true after all.  When you make a mistake, you often learn from it.  This is what makes a mistake a very valuable asset in your life.  If you don’t learn from them, you will keep making the same mistake over and over until you do.  As leaders, you will make a lot of mistakes over the course of your career. It is a part of the process. Therefore, you just need to take a good look at what you […]
January 9, 2020

Don’t Be Late for Your Funeral

  Sometimes, it can feel almost impossible to get with it.  You rush yourself through your morning routine, only to arrive at work 5 minutes late, again.  That concert you wanted to see the opening act at, only to get to your seat as they are walking off stage.  You are always in a rush, but you never really get anywhere on time; it is leaving you feeling dragged out, overwhelmed, and maybe even a little like a failure, and you can’t figure out why the rest of the world seems to have no issues at all with being on […]
January 7, 2020

7 Ways to Make Exercise a Daily Habit

Staying active, is a struggle that many of us have dealt with at one point in our lives or another, to make a daily habit.  As leaders, we need all the extra motivation we can get!  Exercise is one of those small motivators!  When we exercise throughout the week, we build our bodies, keeping our energy levels high, which give us added productivity.  But it is also good for us in other ways.  Exercise helps you sleep better, keeps you healthier and limber as you age, and leads to better moods and overall mental health! So, how do you turn […]