April 7, 2020

Get into the Gratitude Groove

  The art of practicing gratitude is just that, an art.  It is not always easy to feel thankful, especially when things are not going your way.  But oddly enough, an attitude of gratitude might be just what the doctor ordered.  Not only does being grateful lead to a higher rate of contentment in your personal life, but it assures better sleep and even brings down levels of depression through the production of dopamine in the brain.   But rewiring brain neurons sometimes takes some effort, sort of like building up a new routine or habit; especially if you are […]
March 26, 2020

Make Decluttering a Fun, Easy Life Habit

If your room feels cluttered, it might be time to take a good look, not at your stuff (but yes, at your stuff, because you are going to need to clean that), but at your habits.  But rather than going on a massive cleaning spree that takes all weekend, you instead need to focus on creating a new mindset entirely.  One where decluttering becomes a fun, and easy habit. 
March 3, 2020

Create a Bedtime Routine to Promote Productivity

Routines are an important factor of being successful in both your career and your personal life.  Sometimes they help with personal development (breaking bad habits or routines), and they allow you to appreciate all that having a great routine will do for your life!  This is critical especially when you are in the midst of changing your life for the better.  Improving your attitude towards yourself and your life, getting that promotion, losing those pesky pounds and keeping them off, or fixing broken relationships – even building new ones – are all needed to be at your best every day. […]